Terms & Conditions

  • Upon confirmation of tour and/or accommodation bookings, a deposit of 20% (unless otherwise stipulated) will be debited to your valid credit card. This secures your reservation and is deducted from the balance of payment, which is to be paid on the day of arrival or day of travel (whichever may apply). This deposit is non-refundable. 
  • Please be aware that all tours and accommodation options listed are subject to the Qld governments latest COVID health advice and regulations. These can and do change with the current pandemic situation. Please refer to the Qld Government Health site for any information relevant to you.
  • The responsibility to follow all Qld Health directives on such things as border regulations, interstate hot spots and vaccine passports/requirement is yours - please refer to the Qld Government Health site for the latest information.
  • Please note that virtually all of the day tours have a 24 hour or 48 hour cancellation policy – this means any tours cancelled within 24 hours or 48 hours of travel  (or do not turn up on the day of travel) are liable to pay 100% of the total tour cost. Many tour operators have small passenger numbers, so last minute cancellations cost the tour operator greatly, hence the implementation of the cancellation policy.
  • Please note that accommodation options and overnight tour options have a longer cancellation period. This can range from 7 days to 28 day prior to travel, depending on the product. We urge you to check each operator’s cancellation period prior to booking. We also recommend Travel Insurance to help you in the event of unforeseen circumstances that may result in you beiing unable to travel in order to recover the operators cancellation policy penalties. 
  • Bank transfers or direct deposits are also available, click here to request our banking details. Please be aware that this option is only suitable for bookings at least 7 days ahead. 
  • Accommodation and certain extended tours may be an exception to this rule as full payment may be required by specific accommodation properties/tour operators.
  • Some companies now charge a Fuel Levy. This is because tour prices are determined up to 4 years in advance. Wherever possible we will mention this however these surcharges may be amended by the operator at any time.  This charge is usually collected by the operator directly and may be added to the price on the day of travel.
  • Reef tours are susceptible to a EMC (Environmental Management Charge). They are also susceptible to various Port Authority charges and fees. These may be rolled into one surcharge. Wherever possible we will mention this however it may be added to the price on the day of travel.
  • Receipts/Vouchers will be sent via email to be printed off by yourself for presentation to tour and accommodation companies on the day of travel and/or arrival. Upon booking a copy of your voucher will also be sent to the operator. Please contact us if you have not received your voucher.
  • You will receive a payment receipt email shortly after booking. This is not a confirmed travel voucher. Your vouchers for travel will be emailed to you within 24 - 48 hours of booking, in the case of packages, group or charter bookings or during peak seasons this may take up to 7 days.
  • Tours cancelled by an operator due to severe weather conditions or mechanical failure  may result in refund of any deposit/balance paid, however deposits are not refundable (but fully transferable) if you decide the weather is unacceptable  or you are unable to travel for any other reason (eg cancelled flights or transfers or cruiseship's changed itineraries). We highly advise all visitors to have travel insurance for these unforeseen circumstances.
  • If accommodation or tours are cancelled for any reason other than listed above your deposit is non refundable, although it is fully transferable for a period of 2 years as per the following situations
    • Fully transferable towards the deposit for another date, (if you need to delay your holiday).
    • Fully transferable to  the deposit for another tour of equal value or more expensive tour - you can just pay the difference (if you decide you want to do a different tour).
    • Fully transferable to another person, to use as a deposit (if you are not able to come here).
    • If you cancel your tour, the unused deposit becomes a credit, which is valid for 2 years, to be used towards another deposit.
    • It CANNOT be used towards the balance of another tour.
  • For any tours/accommodation/car hire that need to be cancelled due to covid, you will also be provided a credit for the deposit amount you paid, at the time of booking, that can be re-used to rebook any tour / accom / car from our website, of equal TOTAL tour /accom / car value to what you originally spent, that can be used any time in the future, by you or anyone you wish to transfer the credit to.
  • When you rebook – if you book a cheaper tour / accommodation / car hire than you originally booked, you may have additional credit left over.
  • Any additional credit will not be lost, your credit will remain, so can be re-used towards another tour / car hire/ accommodation in the future from our website,by you or anyone you wish to use your credit on your behalf, so you are never out of pocket! Therefore we provide complete flexibility and every opportunity to use, not lose your credit! 
  • All information on this website is deemed to be true and correct and is given in good faith however if there is anything on this website which you believe is inaccurate please contact us so it can be rectified if necessary.
  • Many operators require a 24/48 hours notice for cancellations. This means that if you cancel within this time period you forfeit 100% of the total tour price. This situation overrides our own deposit transfer policy. We advise you to check each individual operators cancellation policy.
  • Prices and tour itineraries change, we will not be held responsible for incorrect price/itineraries listed on this site. However we will do our best to honour any inconsistencies.
  • A link or listing on this website does not mean that we endorse that product or information.
  • The operator has the right to substitute vessels, vehicles or change itineraries due to weather conditions, mechanical failure, or the like.
  • Credit Card fraud is an illegal practice and any person found to be doing so by us will be reported to the relevant authorities for prosecution.
  • We welcome all feedback, positive or negative, so if there is something you would like to tell us, please let us know by sending it to us in writing or via email.
  • We reserve the right to publish to any testimonial feedback mail on our website unless specifically stated by the author not to do so. Any email address and/or surname will be hidden from view.
  • All booking information is held and processed on our own secure server. All secure credit card information is not held by Visit Cairns.
  • Third party advertisements may be placed on this site. These are clearly marked "Ads by Google" or "advertisement" or "buy from amazon" etc and lead to sites outside www.visitcairns.com.au.  We can not, and will not be held liable for the quality or delivery of these websites, offers or products.
  • All images on this site are copyrighted to Visitcairns.com.au or to the individual company represented, no images are to be used for any purpose unless being used to promote this site or the area of Cairns and a link provided back to this site.
  • VisitCairns.com ("www.visitcairns.com.au") will not, and can not be liable for loss, damage, injury or death sustained to person or property arising from, directly or indirectly related to accommodation or any recreational activity arranged through this website , whether caused by negligence or otherwise. VisitCairns.com gives no warranty or assurance as to the security, safety or quality of accommodation or any recreational activity being the subject of a booking and all risk associated with accommodation or a tourist activity is solely yours.  Tourist activities booked through VisitCairns.com may be dangerous and present an inherent risk to health or personal safety. All operators listed on this site hold all relevant industry and government licences and/or certifications to the best of our knowledge.

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