Jump the Beach - Mission Beach
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Skydiving at Mission Beach with Jump the Beach, is an exhilarating, adrenalin pumping, unforgettable adventure that leaves you feeling high (14,000 feet high!) – long after your feet have touched the ground!!




  • Air-conditioned transfers to and from your accommodation (Mission Beach and Cairns)
  • 5 star training facility
  • All personalized training and instruction
  • spectacular scenic views over Mission Beach, Great Barrier Reef and Rainforest
  • Mission Beach largest drop zone for safer landings
  • Latest modern parachutes equipped with backup automatic parachute deployment computer
  • Option to fly your parachute
  • Personalized photo certificate of your skydive

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From 31/03/2018 to 31/03/2025 per person
15,000 Foot Tandem Skydive
tandem skydive from 15,000 feet - over 60 seconds freefall $369.00
+ DVD / Photos DVD / photos filmed by your tandemmaster $179.00
+ Photos photos filmed by your tandemmaster $129.00
PLEASE NOTE: Weight surcharges apply to people over 95kg (209lb), and a maximum weight limit of 100kg (253lb) applies, please see below for more details.

Our professionally qualified staff known as tandem master will guide you out of our plane for a skydive above one of the most beautiful scenes in the world. From what ever height you have chosen for your skydive from 9,000 feet, or up to the maximum height of 14,000ft in the views of 14km of golden beaches, lush rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef and tropical islands will make this day a very special occasion.


But let’s get real! You are not only here for the views. Adrenaline will flow through your body, if you choose to go from 14,000ft you will experience 60 seconds of freefall skydiving, you are falling at just over 200 kph, we are sure that this will be the most exhilarating experience of your life!!



You have the choice of Skydiving from 3 different altitudes; 9,000 feet will give you over 28 seconds of freefall! 11,000 feet will give you over 40 seconds of freefall! and 14,000 feet will have you freefalling for 60 seconds! All with the safety of being attached to one of our tandem masters.


No prior training is necessary. There are some instructions that we run through with yourself, we make sure your cool with the instructions the Tandem Master will give you and then we re-confirm just before we board the aircraft and then we are ready to go.


Skydiving Maximum Weight & Weight Surcharges

Due to safety concerns Jump the Beach has a maximum weight for customers of 100kg (220lb). Additionally, for any customers weighing between 95kg and 100kg a weight surcharge applies.

  • 95kg - 100kg ( approx 209lbs - 220lbs) = $25

These surcharges are payable on the day of your jump, where you will be weighed. A Skydiving Safety Officer's decision may prevent customers over 95kg from skydiving due to incorrect fitting of the harness or any other safety concerns on the day.

If these weight limits prevent you from skydiving, Cairns Skydive has a maximum jump weight of 115kg. Click here for more info.



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