Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat


Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat has only 9 handcrafted pole and timber treehouses.  All accommodation is fully self-contained from studio layout treehouses to 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms treehouses. Children are very welcome. All the accommodation is very private.




  • 9 Luxury Treehouses
  • Spa Bath & Fireplace
  • Fully Equipped Kitchens
  • In House Restaurant
  • Set on 93 Hectares

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Treehouses are magical places reminding us of happy childhood days spent climbing the branches of the back yard tree. They arouse our primal instincts from the times our ancestors were tree-dwellers. Treehouses kept us safe from the dangers of prowling animals or human attackers and this instinct has stayed with us in our subconscious. Sleeping in a treehouse is a beautiful and intimate experience. Perched up in the leafy canopy with the clouds and sky, just that much closer to heaven or our cosmic beginnings, one looks down on our earthly world, surrounded by wildlife and the natural world. One cannot help but feel in harmony with oneself and with nature. It transports you far away from the cares of the earthbound world.


Rose Gums gives that experience to our guests, through careful design and planning. Our treehouses, each individually named after our unique birdlife, are large at around 70 to 120 square metres, and designed not just to blend into the environment but be an important interactive part with the unique rainforest ecology. Each site dictated the design of the treehouses, hence are perched over the ridge line in harmony with the landscape, yet accessible with one step from the carport.






 All accommodation features:

  •  Large spa bath
  • Wood burning fireplace
  • Self-contained kitchen
  • Private verandah
  • Convection microwave oven
  • 4 pot gas cook top
  • Refrigerator
  • King size beds 
  •  Stereo/television/DVD Player
  • /DVD/clock radio
  • Games/magazines/bird book
  • Covered carport
  • Washing machine/dryer
  • All linen
  • Complimentary breakfast hamper
  • BBQ




The timber pole structure, using termite resistant local turpentine trees, gives sugar gliders a platform to cling to, then spring and glide to another tree trunk in search of nectar dripping pollen or the sticky manna-like sap of the local wattle. The timber cladding assists the long-tailed pygmy-possums, all 103 mm long, to climb to the roof top and scurry along an overhanging quandong branch to its family nest in the tree canopy. The elevated platform of the house allows rainwater to flow naturally along the contours underneath and not obstruct animal hunting paths, such as the long-nosed bandicoot digging for a feed of worms. The elevated verandas, ranging from 3 to 8 metres to the ground, enable a dual view of, the tree canopy where the real business of the rainforest is conducted, and the forest floor. The ubiquitous Brush Turkey, gardener of the rainforest, struts by, while the grating call of the Victoria's Riflebird beckons from the tree canopy.





The large windows and glass doors offer panoramic views of the splendid wilderness, the largest tree on the property, eucalyptus grandis or Rose Gums spearing upwards along the ridgelines. The high, outward leaning poles that support the sails over the carport and decks are not only functional to stop the rain and sun beating into the building but allow for brilliant vistas of the sun and moon rising over the mountains to the east, star gazing out to the Southern Cross and Milky Way, and the ever present wildlife flying over the treehouses or being harboured in the tree canopy such as the mesmerising electric blue of the Ulysses as it dances around the vegetation.


The cool, elevated green and brown mountains behind Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef are part rainforest,  part outback, and 100% Australia.  The hospitality of the locals, the dramatic beauty of the ever-changing  landscape, the captivating wildlife and the spirit of this place will stay in  your heart long after you return home.

There is so much to see and do here, so plan to spend one or  two weeks discovering all there is to explore in these fascinating tropical  plateaux. The Cairns Highlands covers an area extending from the villages of  Julatten and Kuranda in the north, to the outback town of Chillagoe in the west and south to Ravenshoe  and Mt Garnet. It is made up of the Evelyn, Hann and Atherton Tablelands, hence  its local name of the Tablelands.



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