South Australia - Great White Shark Cage Diving
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Eco friendly great white shark cage diving in South Australia. This is original cage dive experience, having over 40 years experience. Choose from either surface or ocean floor cages. No scuba experience/qualification is necessary for surface cage diving.

 PLEASE NOTE - this tour departs from Port Lincoln, South Australia. There are NO Great White Sharks in the waters off Cairns.




  • Cage Diving
  • No dive cert needed
  • Incl meals & drinks

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From 1/04/2016 to 28/02/2017 2 night3 night4 night
Great White Shark Expedition
Topside Spectator
includes cruise, meals, divegear etc $1,495.00$1,695.00$2,095.00
Great White Shark Expedition
Surface Cage Diver
includes cruise, meals, divegear etc $1,795.00$1,995.00$2,595.00
Great White Shark Expedition
Ocean Floor Cage Diver
includes cruise, meals, divegear etc $1,995.00$2,395.00$2,995.00

Great White Sharks

The great white sharks we see at the Neptune Islands are seasonal visitors to the islands, and their presence there is timed around the large breeding  colony of New Zealand fur seals. The sharks do not "live" at the islands, but stop off on their migratory pathways to provision on the seals. Some sharks can pass through the islands staying only a few hours, whereas others  can take up temporary residnecy over a couple of months. Often we see the same sharks year after year at a similar time each year. We get to k now these sharks and their different personalities. A large photographic database is held by the Fox Shark Research Foundation housing over 10 years of photographic images of every shark that we have seen. The regular sharks we get to know very well and we eagerly await their return season after season.

The sharks that we see are the ones who "specialise" in seals. This means that we don't typically see juvenile sharks who, in their early years, feed mostly on fish, but see the sharks that have grown enough to shift to a diet of mammals, usually at around 2.5m in length. We see a lot of sub-adult and fully mature sharks in  both seasons, typically around the 3.5-4.5m length and in winter from May-August is when we see the giant female sharks! At their maturity they are over 5.5m a truly a sight to behold!




Diving with Great White Sharks is what our Adventures and Expeditions are all about. The wonder and excitement of being in the water with these amazing creatures is indescribable.
Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions gives you much more dive time – more time to immerse yourself in the world of the Great White Shark. Each dive schedule is planned on a daily basis, taking into account weather conditions and the type of diving experiences our guests have signed up for. If you’re a Surface Cage novice (as most guests are) there’s no rushing or cajoling – just encouragement and care. This is an experience of a lifetime – we want you to enjoy it!
We are the only tour operator that has Qualified Dive Professionals to help you through every aspect of your dive, including accompanying SCUBA divers in the Ocean Floor Cage.

Surface Cage

The surface cage holds four divers comfortably. You enter the steady, super-strong cage from the lower platform of Dive Deck, and are completely safe at all times. Then the fun, excitement and pure adrenalin rush of the Great White Shark experience comes to life. These magnificent animals are mesmerising and majestic, and glide effortlessly around and below the cage. Surface Cage diving is available on all our tours, and suitable for anyone above the age of 8.

Ocean Floor Cage

The Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions is the ONLY TOUR IN THE WORLD that has Ocean Floor Cage Diving. Anchored off the Neptune Islands, up to three guests and a Dive Professional descend approximately 20 metres (66ft) into world that will captivate and spell-bind – a blue aquarium of rocky outcrops teeming with reef fish, white sand and swaying sea-grasses, laconic Giant Blue Groupers, elegant stingrays and a watchful assortment of sharks. And, of course, the Great White that appears out of the blue and sweeps gracefully towards, over and around the cage. It is amazing! To experience this awesome spectacle, a SCUBA diver must have PADI Open Water (or equivalent) certification.

Tour dates 2016/17 

We understand that not everyone has the time to spend endless days and days at sea, so that is why we have come up with a range of expeditions that takes the typical seasonal weather and hours of sunlight into consideration. Plus with our expeditions only running when there is a good chance of seeing great white sharks, you definitely have the best chance of making your great white shark dream come true with us.

4 nights

3 nights 

2 nights

  • 11/5/16
  • 3/6/16
  • 9/6/16
  • 13/6/16
  • 17/6/16
  • 27/6/16
  • 1/7/16
  • 6/7/16
  • 29/9/16
  • 13/10/16
  • 27/10/16
  • 10/11/16
  • 24/11/16
  • 8/12/16
  • 19/1/17
  • 2/2/17
  • 16/2/17
  • 20/5/16
  • 23/6/16
  • 11/7/16
  • 15/7/16
  • 21/7/16
  • 25/7/16
  • 29/7/16
  • 4/8/16
  • 8/8/16
  • 12/8/16
  • 18/8/16
  • 22/8/16
  • 26/8/16
  • 1/9/16
  • 5/9/16
  • 9/9/16
  • 15/9/16
  • 19/9/16
  • 23/9/16
  • 3/1/17

  • 3/5/16
  • 5/10/16
  • 8/10/16
  • 19/10/16
  • 22/10/16
  • 2/11/16
  • 5/11/16
  • 16/11/16
  • 19/11/16
  • 30/11/16
  • 3/12/16
  • 14/12/16
  • 17/12/16
  • 28/12/16
  • 31/12/16
  • 7/1/17
  • 11/1/17
  • 14/1/17
  • 25/1/17
  • 8/2/17
  • 11/2/17

It is of course, impossible for us to promise you sharks, but we can promise you a few things, on top of our expeditions only running when there is a good chance of seeing great white sharks, we promise you a half price return trip if you don't and if you get incredibly unlucky again, then it is free until you do!
In the lovely warm months of summer, when the days are longer and the weather is usually pretty nice, we offer 2 night and 3 night expeditions. These run from October to the end of February. In winter when the weather is a little more unpredictable and the days shorter we offer our 4 night expeditions. These give 3 full days on location but that extra night allows us to fine tune our departure around the weather. With this flexibility we are proud to say we have only missed one day at the Neptune Islands in over 3 years! Winter trips run from late May - October.


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