SS Yongala Shipwreck - ex Townsville


The S.S. Yongala sank during a cyclone on March 23rd, 1911 with the loss of all 122 passengers and crew. It is one of Australia's worst maritime disasters, and is sometimes called 'Townsville's Titanic'.

It was not until 1958 that the wreck was dived and due to its remote location it has remained mostly untouched.




  • 2 dives on the SS Yongala
  • Lunch, morning and afternoon teas
  • ex Townsville/Magnetic Island

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The wreck begins 15m below the surface and extends to 28m. As it is the only structure in the region, the marine life gathers at the wreck providing for an unforgettable diving experience.

Townsville is the starting point for diving expeditions to the historic Yongala Wreck. Rated as the best wreck dive in Australia, the Yongala, located in 28 m of water, is an incredible dive that is guaranteed to exhilarate any diving enthusiast.

Everything is big – big fish, big schools, big wreck.

The Yongala was a luxury vessel making her way from Melbourne to Townville when in 1911 she sank during a cyclone with the loss of all 121 passengers and crew on board.


The 110m hull and deck are completely intact and protected by the Historic Shipwreck Act. Altering or removing artefacts is strictly prohibited. As a result, wreckage such as chairs, port holes, lights, bottles and human remains are still visible, providing for a fascinating dive.


However, the Yongala is most famous for the abundant marine life. It is often said that you will see more marine life on one dive on the Yongala Wreck than you will on half a dozen dives on the reef. Big schools of giant Trevally and barracuda cruise the wreck. Giant grouper, bull rays, schools of eagle rays, sea snakes, turtles, large coral trout, sharks and schools of colourful tropical fish patrol the length of the wreck. Hiding inside are large cod and schools of small fish and hawk fish sneak out and take a peek.
For the invertebrate enthusiast, the wreck is covered in hard and soft corals, anemones and a diverse range of crustaceans and molluscs including giant murex and nudibranchs. During the winter months, the calls of the migrating whales can be heard and occasionally seen around the wreck.


The Yongala Wreck is a ‘must do’ on your list of dive sites in Australia. Very few dive sites in the world have as much to offer as the Yongala and all who experience this incredible dive comment that it is one dive that will remain in their memories forever.

Please Note: This tour is not suitable for snorkellers.






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