Agincourt Ribbon Reef Pontoon
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For the experience of a lifetime, this ultra stable wavepiercing catamaran and friendly crew will take you to a reef at the very edge of Australia's Continental Shelf, to an underwater world that is a dazzling kaleidoscope of colour and brilliance... Agincourt Reef, a magnificent ribbon reef where you can experience first hand the magic that is the Great Barrier Reef.




  • Reef presentation by marine biologist.
  • Hot and cold tropical smorgasbord lunch.
  • All snorkelling equipment provided.
  • Qualified snorkelling safety officers on hand
  • Underwater observatory fish & coral viewing
  • Coral viewing by semi-submersible vessels
  • Fish feeding
  • Only Pontoon on the World Famous Ribbon Reefs

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From 1/04/2024 to 31/03/2025 adultchildfamilyinfant
Agincourt Ribbon Reef Pontoon cruise, lunch, snorkelling, semi-submarine, underwater observatory, morning and afternoon tea. $312.00$164.00$796.00$0.00
Fly / Cruise cruise as above - heli to pontoon, cruise to Port Douglas $670.00$670.00  
Cruise / Fly cruise as above - cruise to pontoon, heli to Port Douglas $670.00$670.00  
Fly / Fly cruise as above - heli to pontoon, heli to Port Douglas $1,176.00$1,176.00  
+ Introductory Scuba Dive includes gear and tuition (minimum age 12 years) $198.00$198.00  
+ 1 certified scuba dive includes all gear (minimum age 12 years) $150.00$150.00  
+ 2 certified scuba dives - per person includes all gear (minimum age 12 years) $225.00$225.00  
+ Ocean Walker - per person
helmet diving - no experience neccessary (minimum age 12 years) $198.00$198.00  
+ Adventure Snorkel tour Advanced Adventure Snorkel Tour with Marine Biologist $100.00$50.00$250.00 
+ Introductory Snorkel tour Introductory Adventure Snorkel Tour with Marine Biologist $80.00$50.00$210.00 
+ Transfer Port Douglas return coach transfers from Port Douglas Accommodation (includes Silky Oaks and Thala) $24.00$12.00$60.00 
+ Transfer Cairns & Beaches return coach transfers from Cairns and the Northern Beaches, including Palm Cove $41.00$23.00$105.00 
Additional Costs: Children = 4 - 14 years, Infant = 0 - 3 years, Family = 2 adults and 2 children aged 4 - 14


Choose to dive, snorkel, or stay dry and explore the stunning reef from the comfort of a Agincourt Cruises semi-sub, just one metre underwater.
Watch the fish feeding from Agincourt Cruises unique underwater viewing platform and underwater observatory, or fly in a helicopter over the reef.

Whichever way you choose, you'll bring home a lifetime of memories from this living natural wonder.


Agincourt Ribbon Reefs 

Adjacent to the Coral Sea trench, these ribbon reefs are recognised as the most pristine eco-systems in the reef's environment.
Clear water provides the best possible underwater visibility, encourages rich coral growth and supports spectacular marine life. As the region's outer reef pioneer, we chose the best location available to show you nature's finest.

Comfort and Space - Too much of a good thing is wonderful. Your journey is as important as your destination. It's a modern voyage, travelling in safety and air-conditioned comfort with state-of-the-art vessels that glide across the water to spacious platforms floating at the reef's edge.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's most unique and amazing marine spectacles and is the largest reef structure in the world. It extends for 2300 kilometres along the north-eastern coast of Australia and consists of about 2900 individual reefs - covering an area about the same size as the United Kingdom, half the size of the State of Texas or the length of the entire Japanese island chain.

This World Heritage listed marine park supports the greatest concentration of life on the planet with over 1500 species of fish, 350 different corals, 4000 species of molluscs and 10,000 species of sponges. Whales are often encountered in these waters from May to September. 

Your Day 

  • 10.00 AM - Departure
  • 10.30 AM - Marine Bioligist Presentation
  • 11.30 AM - Arrive at the Outer Barrier Reef Pontoon - activities commence
  • 12 - 1.30 PM - Hot & Cold Tropical Buffet Lunch served.
  • After Lunch - Activities continue all through the lunch period until departure
  • 3.00 PM  - Depart Outer Reef Pontoon
  • 4.30 PM - Arrive in Port Douglas.

Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef

Snorkelling is one of the many activities included in your day and is one of the best ways to view the incredible underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. Our friendly crew are on hand to show you how. On your journey out to Agincourt Reef, you can view an instructional video on how to snorkel to teach you the right techniques.

  • Upon reaching the outer reef, you can obtain your snorkelling equipment from the storage containers on the platform.
  • Easy access to the water is available from submerged platforms. Our friendly snorkelling safety officers can assist you with your snorkelling gear and give you a few tips so that you can fully enjoy your experience.

Introductory Snorkel Tour

Designed for the novice or beginner snorkeller.

  • Duration: 30-40 minutes
  • This tour is designed for the novice or beginner snorkeller.
  • The tour provides an introduction to the marine environment.
  • It is tailored for families, and those wanting an educational experience.
  • Tours leave and return from the protected snorkelling platform. As a safety precaution, the marine biologist tows a safety float and a whistle.

Advanced Snorkel Tour

For the more adventurous - some snorkelling experience is recommended.

  • Duration: 45 - 60+ minutes
  • This tour is more about exploring, and the marine biologists encourage and teach passengers how to duck dive (if they would like to learn).
  • Tours generally leave from the platform, but sometimes may involve a drop-off from a small tender, so participants can cover a greater distance, and have the chance to &S220;drift with the current&S221;, before returning to the platform.
  • Distance travelled can be up to several hundred metres.
  • Duration of up to 60+ minutes depends on conditions and passenger experience.



Discover the wonder of the Reef

With Agincourt Cruises, you can choose to add an amazing and truly memorable dimension to your reef experience with the underwater magic of scuba diving at the renowned Agincourt Reef or idyllic Low Isles. At Agincourt Reef on the very edge of Australia's continental shelf, diving is quite simply spectacular!

Introductory Scuba Diving

It' fun and easy! And there is still plenty of time to enjoy all other activities on board with family and friends!
No experience is necessary to experience this amazing underwater world with an introductory scuba dive. If you've never dived before, and would like to, Agincourt Cruises offer introductory dives with a highly qualified dive instructor. The only requirements are that you are over 12 years, pass the on-board medical questionnaire and participate in our 30 minute dive brief.
Unique t Agincourt Cruise's Agincourt Reef platform, introductory divers can follow Queensland's only underwater ecotrail, a series of explanatory plaques that can help you learn about this amazing environment as you dive.
All equipment, including wetsuits and prescription masks (if required) are included. Multi-lingual diving instructors are available on request. All of our professional dive instructors are PADI qualified.

Certified Diving

Certified Divers can explore an underwater world teeming with exotic marinelife, while non-diving and snorkelling companions participate in platform activities, including the choice of an introductory dive.

Certified divers can enjoy one or two spectacular dives lasting approximately 40 minutes - the ultimate experience at Agincourt Reef where visibility is excellent and the variety of marine life is exceptional. Our professional instructors accompany all dives at no extra charge, ensuring maximum safety and enjoyment.

Certified divers must posses an internationally recognized SCUBA certificate card.

Ocean Walker

Experience the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef without even getting your hair wet. Ocean Walking is a new take on Helmet Diving. It's easy and safe and with no experience neccessary anyone can have a go.




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the date of my cruise?
Yes you are welcome to change your day of travel providing we have availability. There are no fees to change dates.

What’s the best day or time to visit?
We operate year-round, everyday is a holiday! Generally you will find the warm air and water temperatures in the tropics (see our average temperatures charts) make for comfortable conditions year-round for water activities.
If you are visiting between the months of May to October, while certainly not guaranteed, there is the added bonus of potential whale sightings on the journey to and from the reef. Humpback whales regularly migrate from Antarctic waters every winter to the warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef. They are most commonly sighted from June to September. The smaller Minke Whales can often be seen at Agincourt Reef from as early as April but from our experience, the most common sightings occur from June to July.

How far out is the Outer Barrier Reef (Agincourt Reef) and how long does it take to get there?
Agincourt Reef is 72km NE of Port Douglas. Travelling time aboard our state-of-the-art wavepiercer catamaran from Port Douglas to Agincourt Reef is 90 minutes.

What do I bring?
Bring along a towel, sunscreen, hat, swimwear and camera to capture your memories. Limited underwater digital cameras are available to hire onboard. A professional photographic service is also available for you to purchase photos of your day. For optional activities or onboard purchases like souvenirs or drinks from the bar, bring along your credit card or some cash.

Is there easy access to the water for snorkelling from the platform?
Yes, the snorkelling platforms are situated right on the waterline and there are bench seats on the snorkelling platform where you can put on your fins, mask and snorkel before entering the water.

How deep is the water at Agincourt Reef?
The maximum depth around the platform at Agincourt Reef is approximately 8-9 metres.

Are there any sharks at Agincourt Reef?
Yes, but they are harmless white tip reef sharks which only grow to a length of approximately 5 feet. If you are lucky to see one, don’t be frightened as they are very timid.

Do you supply towels?
We recommend you bring your own towel. We do have some towels for hire however we have limited stock and cannot guarantee availability.

Does lunch cater for vegetarians or other special diets?
Yes our daily buffet lunch provides food options for vegetarians. Our meals are prepared daily by our Catering Department utilising local produce wherever possible. As our lunch is presented as a buffet it's easy to choose gluten or lactose free options. All menu options are labelled with ingredients lists. Please contact us directly if you have any more specific dietary needs.

Can we sit anywhere onboard the boat?
Yes, there is no reserved seating and you are free to sit where you prefer. It’s up to your personal preference whether you would like to sit inside in the air-conditioned cabins, on the outside decks undercover or in the sun.

Can I take a pram on the boat / platform?
Our Wavepiercer catamarans and reef platforms are pram-friendly with ample room on the boat and ramped areas on the platform.

Is it safe for babies / children?
Yes, infants and children are welcome however we recommend they are supervised and are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. We suggest buoyancy vests are worn and these are available free of charge. Noodles/flotation devices are also available. There are many activities for children and families to enjoy together at the Outer Reef.

Are there any babysitting facilities if I want to dive with my husband?
We do not have babysitting facilities onboard. Our crew can help you schedule separate dive times to ensure your child is always supervised.

Will I get seasick?
Hopefully not. Our wavepiercer catamaran cruise to the Outer Reef provides the smoothest possible ride in all sea conditions. Where there is motion whether in a car, bus, plane or boat, some people will suffer from motion sickness. Motion sickness medication is available onboard for purchase. Ginger tablets are available as a natural alternative motion sickness medication on a complimentary basis. To be effective, motion sickness medications should be taken immediately on boarding prior to travel.

Do you have lockers onboard?
We do not have lockers however we do have safety bags which can be used for smaller items like wallets, passports, jewellery and small cameras. This is at no cost and can be accessed by checking with our bar staff.

Do you have prescription masks?
Standard masks magnify objects underwater by 25%. However prescription masks are also available ranging from -4 to -7 in strength. Prescription masks are available at no extra charge. To obtain one of these masks, see our safety supervisors on the snorkelling platform.

Can I wear my glasses or contact lenses under my mask?
No. We do not recommend contact lenses are worn as water may get into the mask. Glasses cannot be worn under the masks however standard masks do magnify objects. For prescription masks, see the safety supervisors on the snorkelling platform.

What is the temperature of the water?
The warm waters of Tropical North Queensland range in temperature from 22-29 Celsius (75-85 Fahrenheit) and make for year round comfort for water activities.

What if the weather is really bad?
Providing we have availability you are welcome to change dates of your cruise. On very rare occasions cruise services can be subject to the effect of weather. Should a cruise not operate for any reason, you will be offered an alternative day or a refund authorised.

Can I smoke at the reef or on the boat?
Due to government regulations and comfort of all passengers, smoking is not permitted on board any of our vessels. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas at the outer reef platform and island. Please ensure cigarette butts are disposed of responsibly in the receptacles provided.

Do you have facilities for wheelchair passengers?
We recommend our Outer Reef cruise and our Quicksilver VIII vessel as the most suitable for wheelchair passengers. At the Outer Barrier Reef (Agincourt Reef) there are ramp facilities from our vessel to our platform, and a wheelchair access toilet on the vessel.
However access to the underwater observatory, snorkel platforms and our semi-submersible vessels is by stairs only. For guests confined to a wheelchair, our specially designed water powered lift allows for easy access into the snorkel pool. This is available only at our Agincourt 3 platform. We recommend guests call us to discuss arrangements prior to travel.




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