2 Reef Cruise
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Welcome aboard our brand new vessel, offering fantastic quality with unlimited snorkelling and the chance to do up to three dives per day, all on two different reef locations.

This cruise caters for snorkellers, certified and introductory divers.




  • Snorkelling & Scuba Diving
  • Up to 2 Scuba Dives in the 1 day
  • Brand New Boat
  • Introductory Diving Available
  • FREE guided dives

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From 1/04/2022 to 31/03/2023 adultchildfamily
Full Day Reef Cruise Reef cruise incl lunch & snorkelling $220.00$150.00$590.00
Full Day Reef Cruise
with 2 cert dives - All Equipment Supplied
Reef cruise incl lunch & snorkelling plus 2 cert dives with all Dive Gear Supplied $290.00$290.00 
Full Day Reef Cruise
with 3 cert dives - All Equipment Supplied
Reef cruise incl lunch & snorkelling plus 3 cert dives with all Dive Gear Supplied $310.00  
- own gear discount take $30 off the dive price if using your own ger (we supply only tanks and weights) -$30.00-$30.00 
Full Day Reef Cruise
with 1 introductory dive
Reef cruise incl lunch & snorkelling plus 1 introductory dive (all gear and tuition included) $290.00$290.00 
Full Day Reef Cruise
with 2 introductory dives
Reef cruise incl lunch & snorkelling plus 2 introductory dives (all gear and tuition included) $340.00$340.00 
Full Day Reef Cruise
with 3 introductory dives
Reef cruise incl lunch & snorkelling plus 3 introductory dives (all gear and tuition included) $370.00$370.00 
PLEASE NOTE: Child = 4 - 14 years. Family is 2 adults and 2 children aged 4-14. Infant = 0 - 3 years. Minimum age for diving is 12 years, however the full adult rate applies to all scuba divers.
Please note: Any special offers are not available on public holidays.
PLEASE NOTE: As per Qld Government COVID regulations from the 17/12/21 all passengers 16 years and over must be double vaccinated

This cruise caters for snorkellers, certified and introductory divers. The Discover Scuba Diving program is your perfect introduction to the reef with pre-dive tuition, close underwater supervision, dive recognition card and certificate included. Certified divers can explore the Great Barrier Reef on up to three spectacular dives in one day.


All of the snorkelling equipment you will require is supplied as part of your trip, including a wetsuit or stinger suit. The sites we visit are equally appealing for both snorkellers and scuba divers.

Prescription masks are also available upon request.

Introductory Scuba Diving

Introductory diving requires no previous diving experience. If you are able to swim, you can usually dive. You will be asked to fill out some paperwork, including a medical statement.

Whilst you are on your way to the reef you will be given a briefing outlining what is involved (usually about 45 minutes). This briefing will outline the procedures that will make your experience a safe and unforgettable one.

On arrival at the reef, you will start by practising with your equipment on the surface. Once you and your instructor are comfortable with those skills, you practice them again, this time below the surface (only a few feet).

Finally when you and your instructor feel comfortable it's time to dive!!! As a resort diver there will be a maximum of 4 divers with 1 instructor. The supervision is very close at all times. You will go to a maximum depth of 12 m (40ft) and these dives generally last around 1/2 hour.

During the dive you can expect to see the Great Barrier Reef in all its glory - You will discover excitement and adventure - freedom and serenity. Nothing compares to the "weightless" exhilaration of breathing underwater.

Certified Diving

Our dive locations on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef (approx 70km offshore) offer outstanding underwater visibility, superb coral formations and abundant, colourful marine life including Wally, our friendly 1.5m Maori Wrasse at Norman Reef!

Divers can enjoy up to 3 spectacular dives in one day.



Snorkel & Dive Sites

Saxon Reef - Sandra's
Shallow Reef dive, lots of various types of anemone fish. White tipped reef sharks can be watched sleeping during daytime and schools of yellow fin Barracuda. The rare fire flame shell is also spotted there. Perfect also for snorkeling.

Saxon Reef - Twin Peaks
Unusually varied dive site circling two bommies with a narrow swim through. Schools of wild band fusiliers and humbug damsels and lots of different nudibranches!

Saxon Reef - Clipper & Super Cat
From the boat moored close to the reef you can dive along the reef wall and smaller offshore bommies displaying different types of anemone fish. Bottlenose dolphins are spotted occasionally during the colder months as well as the notorious Titan Triggerfish, the largest species of triggerfish.

Saxon Reef - Coral Garden
Diving amongst Garden Eels you can spot beautiful Anthias and Spinecheek Anemone fish. This place is also a popular for snorkeling as you can swim just on top of the coral and watch closely e.g. gobies and lots of smaller soft corals.

Saxon Reef - Reef Magic
Depending on the current, this dive site offers the possibility of a challenging dive around the reef edge to untouched areas displaying humpback snappers, giant trevallies and wild band fusiliers. Schools of Moorish Idols and even paddle tail snappers can be spotted in the shallow areas on the inner side of this reef site.

Norman Reef - Bob's Bommie
With its beautiful pink soft coral and lots of smaller multi colored table coral amongst an abundance of all other coral types this is the perfect example for Great Barrier Reef Diving.

Norman Reef - Shark Mountain
Very versatile dive for beginners as well as more experienced divers who want to circle the entire shark-shaped Bommie. You can spot a small wreck in a depth of approx. 10m hidden on the northern wall. Extremely large starfish and lots of grey reef sharks.

Norman Reef - Playground
Sheltered by a ledge this is our preferred overnight mooring place. During the night dive you're able to 'hang out' on the mooring lines and watch reef sharks cruising around, our local resident Queensland Grouper and sometimes even Eagle Rays chasing their prey in the beam of the boats bright lights.

Norman Reef - Wild Side Clipper
Nestled on the south side of Norman Reef this dive site provides a terraced area with massive cabbage coral and beautiful staggered table corals. This site is also a popular feeding ground for turtles.

Norman Reef - Wild Side West, Wild Side East
These two neighboring dive sites are separated by a tongue of reef and can easily be combined into one long dive. WSW shows big lunar corals and a variety of anemone fish whereas WSE is a large bowl with rare star sand. During spring season lots of juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips cavort through the stag horn corals.

Norman Reef - Plate Top
This is a real conglomeration for all sort of reef fish: Anthias, Yellowtail Barracudas, Anemone fish, Gobys , Sweet Lips, Trevallies and Coral Trout just to name a few and on low tide they all gather in one spot on the plates northern corner. Amazing!

Norman Reef -Turtle Bay
As the name implies, this is the green sea turtles favorite feeding ground. Species up to 1.5 m have been spotted! Plus Anemone Shrimp, Hairy Spider Crabs, Blennies and many more.

Hastings Reef - Turtle Bommie
A cluster of smaller bommies dropping off real deep to the north offering bat fish, stone fish (if you can spot them), anthias, fusiliers and, of course, turtles! Also lots of smaller table corals, sea fans and whip corals.

Jorgie - Patches
Situated in the Trinity Opening this dive site can be approached only on very calm weather. But because of this it's pristine. Lots of finger coral, anemones, scorpion fish, big school of batfish and fusiliers, barracudas and anemone fish.




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