Kuranda Rainforest ATV
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Engage all of your senses to explore the oldest tropical rainforest on Earth, exotic fruit orchards and fascinating pioneer history in this must-do quad bike tour. Buggy Tours also available.




  • Rainforest Setting
  • ATV & Buggy options
  • No experience Neccessary

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From 1/04/2021 to 31/03/2022 adultchildfamily 4family 5
ATV tour
- 1 hour
one hour ATV tour in the Kuranda Rainforest $95.00$75.00$300.00$340.00
Buggy tour
- 1 hour
one hour All Terrain Buggy tour in the Kuranda Rainforest $95.00$75.00$300.00$340.00
ATV tour
- 2 hours
two hour ATV tour in the Kuranda Rainforest $160.00$130.00$515.00$580.00
+ courtesy bus from kuranda courtesy bus pick up from kuranda - must be prebooked. $0.00$0.00  
PLEASE NOTE: This tour only offers pickups from Kuranda Village - NOT CAIRNS. Detailed instructions will be sent to self-drivers.

Explore our secluded property with a local tour guide on easy-to-ride ATVs. Featuring World Heritage Rainforest, local history, exotic fruit orchards and more. Great chance of meeting one of the resident cassowaries.




What does the tour include?

Our standard 1 hour and 2 hour ATV tour includes​:

-Safety Helmet


-Insect Repellant

-Poncho (if raining)

-Training session

What should I wear?

We want you to be comfortable and being in the Tropics we know how hot it can get specially during Summer so all we ask is to wear closed shoes.​ During dry months some parts of our tracks can be dusty. We provide you with glasses but you are welcome to bring your own. We also have cool bandanas available for purchase but you can bring your own.

What should I bring?

Most of our ATVs are fitted with a box where you can take a small bag, your camera and bottled water. If you have more gear, you can leave it in our locker.​

What can I get at your premises?

We have bottled water, soft drink and juice available for purchase. You can also purchase other souvenirs like our bandanas and even cutting boards made from timber responsibly sourced from our secluded estate.​​

Can we double on the ATVs/ take passengers?

Unfortunately but for your safety we are not allowed to double on the ATVs. We understand that sometimes parents want to make sure their kids will be safe but we follow the manufacturers instructions and insurance guidelines which tell us not to double on the ATVs. We are experienced and have operated for 5 years with no records of accidents so trust our tour guides if they take your kids on our buggy.​

I have never driven an ATV, a bike, or a car or any vehicle...

Our ATV rainforest experience is suitable for beginners. We have set up our bikes so all you have to use is your hands. You won't have to worry about your feet, they'll stay in one position during the whole tour.

As our maximum speed is 15kph, our tour guide will lock the bikes in one gear. If you are experienced and our tour guide deems it necessary, he/she will let you change from first to second gear during the tour. Remember we are not racing, we are exploring a unique environment at a relaxed pace.

Before the tour we will also explain how to operate the bikes and give you some tips to make the journey safe and fun. We will go for a practice ride on a easy path where you will get to accelerate, turn and stop to get ready for the tour. Our tour guide will make sure everyone is ready before heading for the actual tour.​

What happens if I cannot ride the ATV?

This doesn't happen very often but if you have done your best and still can't manage to ride the ATV safely, our tour guide will ask you if you still want to join the tour in our buggy. Our tour guide drives the buggy, you get to enjoy the tour and not worry about anything else.​

What happens if I break the rules?

We have an impeccable record and hope to keep it that way so we need all our visitors to follow the instructions given by our tour guides. If you fail to abide to our rules of no speeding, no fish-tails, no burnout, no standing while riding then you will be stopped from riding and no refund will be given.


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07 4057 4312
+61 7 4057 4312

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